Free forever: NGO plan

Calling NGOs and charities around the world

I’m proud to announce the free forever NGO plan. Because we understand your cause, we set out to help nonprofits and NGOs globally.

Today we are proud to be able to launch this free offering. We believe it will help these organizations better deliver on their valuable missions.

The free forever NGO plan is very simple:

  • Free forever
  • Track until 50.000 pageviews a month

What happened if the website traffic is above 50k pageviews per month? We will apply 50% discount on the pricing listed in our website.

How to apply for your NGO plan?

Extremely easy! Just fill the form bellow and we will create your account (after checking the submitted data).

I have read the Privacy Policy

Why your organization needs Analyzati?

Analyzati is a privacy focused website analytics that provide valuable information about any website visitors. Information such as number of visitors, pageviews, marketing campaign tracking, events tracking, languages, devices, location, etc.

Nowadays we understand the need for data privacy and we provide a simple and clear set of tools that respect visitors privacy: we never collect any personal information, any IP or any cookie.

Analyzati is fully GDPR, PECR and CCPA complaint.

Analyzati Privacy

Analyzati is GDPR, PECR and CCPA compliant

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations (PECR) and California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) requires the user’s consent for cookies or other identifiers to be saved on the user’s computer (apart from technically required cookies).

Why does Analyzati not require the consent of cookies from the user?

  • Analyzati does not process any personal data – no IP, no cookies, no fingerprints.
  • If you, as a customer, decide that personal data is processed through Analyzati, this processing will only take place in the European Union.
  • Analyzati does not use the data for its own purposes and does not transmit the data to any third party
  • Analyzati does not combine data on different websites
  • IP addresses are anonymised by default.

Do you have any other concern about Analyzati privacy and data processing? Send us an email.


Free analytics for your website

Analyzati is FREE and you can start right now measuring your website visitors.

Why is it free?

We want to help you start measuring and tracking your website visitors. If you have a new website there is no better option for you!

Just open a free account and start right away. There’s no need to be an expert in marketing, no need to take hours of training and reading, no need to be a developer. Easy as pie!

Is there any limit for the free account?

You can use all features in your account and you can measure until 1000 pageviews/monthly.

If you cross this limit, that means you are doing a perfect job with your content, is it easy to upgrade your plan at any time. Check our plans here.

In case you have any questions, just contact us.


Our script weight is less than 1kB

Last update – 20/10/2022:

We want to offer you truthful information and therefore we have conducted a REAL test with different suppliers in the market… And the numbers don’t lie.

Our recent tests:

  1. We have added all the scripts provided by the various vendors in the following URL
  2. You can check all script sizes using the Inspect tool from your browser or alternatively you can go to GTMetrix and see it by your self.
comparison analytics providers script

Yeahhh! We are not lying and you can trust in our word.

When you add any Java script on your web page, automatically you are adding loading time. If too much JavaScript is loaded, the page can become unresponsive as the browser parses, compiles, and executes it.

One of the biggest reasons we have created our LIGHT weight script is because we don’t want to add extra loading time to websites using our service. We love our clients and we want to keep them all.

How can you check our script size ?

Is extremely easy and you can test it right now.

Open our home page in your browser (Firefox, Chrome or Brave recommended). Now press the right button of your mouse and choose Inspect. A new window will appear on your screen with a lot of information about the page you are in.

Navigate to the Network tab and choose JS . Maybe you will need to reload the page to get all detailed information about network activity.

In the list search for the domain and see the column Size: 729 bytes or 0.711914 Kilobytes . It means less than 1kB.