Privacy focused web analytics

Track your visitors in real time, without compromising their privacy.

Your best alternative to Google Analytics

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Analyzati is Privacy Complaint

They already enjoy privacy !


All the stats presented on a user friendly panel. No hassle. Made for humans like me.

Privacy friendly

No IP tracking, no fingerprints, no cookies. Your site data is not used for any other purposes.


Meets GDPR, PECR and CCPA. All visitor data is processed in Europe by a European company.


Our tracking code is less than 1kb in size. 40 times smaller than Google Analytics! Check

Your data

All your data belongs to you, 100%! We don’t sell any data.

Easy install

Open your account, copy and paste the script… Up and running in less than 5 minutes!

Website Analytics 100% privacy respect

Own your data!

With Analyzati you are in control of your data, you can download or delete it at any time.

You can relax and drink a beer…
We’ll never sell your personal data !

No credit card required!

Analytics reports
-made easy-

Operative system


See a detailed report of your website traffic in real time.


Learn through which traffic channels you acquire visitors.

Track Events

Create custom events and track their conversions.


Get a comprehensive overview of your website statistics.


Find out where your visitors are from, down to the city level.


Export all your website’s statistics in CSV format.


Analyze what pages perform the best on your website.


Know the devices and software your visitors are using.


Remove your data at any time with a simple click.

Simple and affordable

Choose the right plan for your needs… Upgrade at any time.

Free forever plan

Ideal for Startups or new websites

1.000 pageviews / month

No credit card required!

All plans include
  • Unlimited websites
  • Email reports
  • Data ownership
  • API access
  • Unlimited events
  • Data export

21% VAT is not included.

You can pay with your credit card safely. We use Stripe for processing payments.

You will see an alert on your account. Until you upgrade your plan, the tracking pageviews limit will remain as your current plan.

When you register for the first time your account is Freemium. The free account has a limit of 1000 pageviews per month.

A pageview is an instance of a page being loaded (or reloaded) in a browser. Pageviews is a metric defined as the total number of pages viewed.

For sure. You will receive an automatic invoice after any purchase with us.

Yes, you can cancel your subscription at any time. You’ll continue to have access to the features you’ve paid for until the end of your billing cycle.

Of course. You can reach our support team sending an email to . We’ll try to answer your request in the next 24 hrs.

Compare size with another solutions

When using any web analytics, you add extra weight and extra load time to your website.

Take a look at this comparison with another providers:

Google Tag Manager


Google Analytics





less than

Analyzati is 22 times smaller compared with Matomo an 45 times smaller than Google Analytics global site tag.

The Analyzati script reduce 45kb the size of loading one page. You can think this is not too much, but just make this calculations: If you have 100k visitors a month, you will add 50GB of data tranfer each year.

No credit card required