Analyzati vs. Google Analytics

Friendly comparison

Launched on November 14, 2005, Google Analytics offers a set of tools to measure web traffic, audience type, conversions, behavior, sources, page views, etc. It has the Free model, which is currently the most used, and also the Google Analytics 360 model, which is paid and has been designed for large corporations.

We are going to carry out an exhaustive comparison between Analyzati and Google Analytics, with which we hope to help you make the best decision when it comes to measuring your website traffic. So let’s get to it.


Google Analytics


We do not collect or store identifying data of any user. No IP's, no cookies, no fingerprints. Yo don't need a cookie banner!

Google Analytics processes all the information it can without regard to the privacy of users, collects personal and identification data (PII) piece by piece.

Data ownership

We never shares or sells the data of the websites analyzed to any company.

Google Analytics shares the analytical data of the websites with other companies and advertising companies. Your website data becomes profitability for Google and others.

Load and weight

We have a script of less than 1 Kb, which is 45 times smaller than GA.

The Google Analytics script weighs a total of 45.7 Kb (28 Kb Google Tag Manager and 17.7 Kb Google Analytics).

Installation and setup

Our setup is immediate and can be up and running in less than 1 minute. A single script is necessary to start tracking visitors to any website.

Google Analytics is not easy to install. Its complex operation makes adding a new website take hours, yes you read that right, hours.


By not using cookies or IP tracking (fingerprints), Analyzati offers a very real and precise analysis.

When using browsers like Brave, Firefox with a plugin, or even Safari, Google Analytics will never provide accurate analytics.

Real support

Analyzati offers you real human support from our team in Barcelona. You just need to open a ticket and one of our team member will reply with solutions to your requests.

Google Analytics doesn't provide real support. They have a lot of helps available and when you are in trouble you need to search by yourself.


Analyzati offers a free account for startups or websites with low traffic. The pricing structure starts at 2,95€ per month including 50k pageviews/month. We also offer a FREE account to start tracking for free.

Google Analytics is free for life but remember that you are already paying with your data. If you have a website with 10 million visits per month, you will have to upgrade to Google Analytics 360, which can cost up to 150,000€ per year.

Google Analytics is a valid option for tracking your website visitors, but remember when entering in the world of the mega company Google, you are paying with your data. They will use all your data to their own benefit and will sell it to the best bider.

Analyzati is a European company,  we control our product/service and we can assure you we never sell your personal data. We are working very hard to offer our customers the best possible experience when tracking website visitors.

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