Analyzati Vs Google Analytics

Launched on November 14, 2005, Google Analytics offers a set of tools to measure web traffic, audience type, conversions, behavior, sources, page views, etc. It has the Free model, which is currently the most used, and also the Google Analytics 360 model, which is paid and has been designed for large corporations.

In this article, we are going to carry out an exhaustive comparison between Analyzati and Google Analytics, with which we hope to help you make the best decision when it comes to measuring your website traffic. So let’s get to it.


Google Analytics is very powerful and we are not going to deny it. It has innumerable options that make it extremely complex, which requires many hours and training to understand. There are menus within menus, almost indecipherable technical words and it also doesn’t load fast.

Analyzati is full-fledged simplicity, straight to the point, no complexity, and made for anyone, whether you’re a marketer or a regular website owner. It does not require investing hours of learning since in a matter of minutes the user is comfortable and can see their web analytics almost instantly.


Google Analytics processes all the information it can without regard to the privacy of users, collects personal and identification data (PII) piece by piece. This makes it a full-fledged violation of web users’ privacy. You only need to take a look at Google’s Privacy Policy to be clear:


By using our services, you trust us with your data. We understand that this is a huge responsibility and we do our best to protect your information and put you in control.

Analyzati takes the privacy of website visitors very seriously. We do not collect or store identifying data of any user. No IP’s, no cookies, no fingerprints -Everything clear as water-.


Google Analytics shares the analytical data of the websites with other companies and advertising companies. The data is extracted and processed to offer personalized services and products. Your website data becomes profitability for Google and others.

Analyzati never shares or sells the data of the websites analyzed to any company, not even to the highest bidder, we never use the information to personalize or offer products or services. You are the full owner of your data.


Regulations on the processing of personal data such as the GDPR (Europe), PECR (UK) and the CCPA (California), dictate that when personal and identifying data is collected, the user’s explicit consent must be asked and obtained.

Because Google Analytics collects identifying data from visitors, it creates a regulatory compliance liability for any website that makes use of GA. Recently the Italian, Austrian and French data protection authority (DAP) have ruled that Use of Google Analytics is illegal under the GDPR.

Recent update: 
Germany, Switzerland, and the Netherlands decided early on to set higher standards for the use of Google Analytics and other tracking tools and services. 
France, Austria, and Italy made the same conclusion. 
When The Danish Data Protection Agency released new guidelines regarding GDPR and Google Analytics, Denmark became the latest country to deem the usage of Google Analytics unlawful - when it’s not used correctly, that is. If you are not able to take the necessary precautions, you must stop using Google Analytics in Denmark and find a new tool to use.

Analyzati, on the other hand, since it does not collect identifying data from any visitor, makes it unnecessary to deploy a privacy policy on its use.


Nowadays the loading speed of any website directly affects the ranking in Google and the conversions. Scripts add loading and execution time and their abuse and lack of control can lead a website to complete collapse.

The Google Analytics script weighs a total of 45.7 Kb (28 Kb Google Tag Manager and 17.7 Kb Google Analytics).

Analyzati has a script of less than 1 Kb, which is 45 times smaller than GA. Look at this comparison.


Google Analytics is not easy to install. Its complex operation makes adding a new website take hours, yes you read that right, hours. If this is your first time in Google Analytics, you will have to go through countless screens with questions and options that are not easy to answer without first taking a course or reading any tutorial.

Analyzati is immediate and can be up and running in less than 1 minute. A single screen is necessary to start tracking visitors to any website.


More and more internet users are becoming more concerned about privacy and we are tired of ads, remarketing and retargeting. There is no exact number of how many people block this type of intrusion, but it is becoming more frequent every day and the number of users who choose to do so is constantly growing.

When using browsers like Brave, Firefox with a plugin, or even Safari, Google Analytics will never provide accurate analytics. A Statista study in 2021 indicates that 25% of internet users already use Ad blockers.

By not using cookies or IP tracking (fingerprints), Analyzati offers a very real and precise analysis.


Google Analytics is free for life but remember that you are already paying with your data. If you have a website with 10 million visits per month, you will have to upgrade to Google Analytics 360, which can cost up to 150,000 euros per year.

Analyzati allows you to measure up to 1,000 visits per month for free. And from there we have created very cheap monthly plans from 2,95€ per month.