Google Analytics How to

Stop Google Analytics tracking you

Fortunately, there are reliable solutions to safeguard our privacy on the Internet. And one of these is the simple browser extension called “Google Analytics opt-out”.

In case you didn’t know, every time you visit a website that has Google Analytics (GA) installed, you are giving Google information about you for free.

The most unlikely thing about this story is that GA is presented as a free solution to measure web traffic. But what it never fully explains to users is that it collects personal information left and right to use it for its own benefit.

More than 85% of websites on the internet use GA


Google Analytics opt-out

So let’s get to the point. This wonderful extension will block the GA script on any website you visit.

And what alternative to GA can I use to measure my website traffic without compromising privacy?

Analyzati is without a doubt the alternative to forget about GA once and for all, since it is 100% focused on privacy. Does not collect personally identifiable information (PII), does not track IPs, does not use cookies, does not use fingerprints.

If you want to know more compelling arguments to help you understand why you should leave GA, you can read our articles that we list below:


Web analytics to understand your customers

As a marketer, I use data every day. Whether it’s for social media or email marketing, I need accurate information about my customers. That way, I can create better content and offer them the best experiences possible on my website. Without web analytics, it’s impossible to collect information about your customers or understand their behavior on your site.

As marketers, we use data every day. We use it to understand who our customers are and what they want. We use it to figure out which campaigns are working for our business and which ones aren’t. And we use it to make sure that our websites are as effective as possible at getting people to take action on them.

We call it web analytics.

The term “analytics” is used to describe a wide variety of activities that organizations use to capture, store, and analyze data in order to measure their performance. The goal of analytics is not just to identify what works but also why things work.

There are many different types of analytics tools available today. Google Analytics (GA) is one of the most popular free options for organizations looking to get started with web analytics on their own websites or third-party sites like Analyzati where they have installed tracking scripts.

Many businesses use Google Analytics or other alternatives to understand their customers better.

Many businesses use Google Analytics or other vendors to understand their customers better. Google Analytics is the most popular web analytics tool, with over 85% of users using it in 2022 (source= usage statistics). Other options include Analyzati, Adobe Analytics, Woopra, Piwik…

Tracking code needs to be installed on every page of your website.

You can’t get accurate data about your customers without installing tracking code on every page of your site. This is because the code needs to be installed in order to collect information about every user who visits a page on your website.

Without it, you won’t know anything about these users or how they interact with your site since there’s nothing to track.

That way, you have accurate data about all activity on your site.

The tracking code (also known as an analytics code) is a piece of JavaScript that you install on every page of your site. When someone visits one of those pages, the code sends information back to the analytics provider about what they’re doing on your website. This allows you to see things like:

  • Pages viewed
  • Time spent on each page
  • How many people have visited your site and what brought them there (search engine, referral link, social media post)
  • Sources, devices, screen resolution, country, language
  • Marketing campaigns and events…

You need data so that you know who your customers are and how they use your website.

As a business owner, customer data is your lifeblood. Without customer insight, you won’t know how to market or improve your product or service.

What do customers want? How do they use our website? What kinds of questions do they have?

These are just some of the things that analytics can help you find out about your customers—and these insights will help you create a better experience for them.

Knowing this information lets you create a better website based on what they want and need.

Knowing this information lets you create a better website based on what they want and need. This can also lead to better products and services, as well as improved marketing strategy and customer service.

Web analytics help us do a better job of marketing online by letting us know who our customers are and how they behave on our website.

Web analytics let you know who your customers are and how they behave on your website. This information allows us to create a better website based on what our customers want and need, as well as measure the success of our marketing campaigns by tracking things like where visitors came from or what pages they looked at during their visit to our site.


If you’re ready to get started with web analytics, there are a few simple steps that you can take. First, make sure your website has a tracking code installed on every page. This will help you collect data about all activity on your site. Next, make sure to use the right tool for analyzing this data so that it’s easy to read and understand what it means for your business. Finally, keep track of how often customers visit each section of their site – this will give them insight into where they spend most time and what they like doing most when visiting our website!

I fully suggest Analyzati as your website analytics provider (I’m the founder). You can have a free account up and running in less than 5 minutes. So give it a try!


Free forever: NGO plan

Calling NGOs and charities around the world

I’m proud to announce the free forever NGO plan. Because we understand your cause, we set out to help nonprofits and NGOs globally.

Today we are proud to be able to launch this free offering. We believe it will help these organizations better deliver on their valuable missions.

The free forever NGO plan is very simple:

  • Free forever
  • Track until 50.000 pageviews a month

What happened if the website traffic is above 50k pageviews per month? We will apply 50% discount on the pricing listed in our website.

How to apply for your NGO plan?

Extremely easy! Just fill the form bellow and we will create your account (after checking the submitted data).

I have read the Privacy Policy

Why your organization needs Analyzati?

Analyzati is a privacy focused website analytics that provide valuable information about any website visitors. Information such as number of visitors, pageviews, marketing campaign tracking, events tracking, languages, devices, location, etc.

Nowadays we understand the need for data privacy and we provide a simple and clear set of tools that respect visitors privacy: we never collect any personal information, any IP or any cookie.

Analyzati is fully GDPR, PECR and CCPA complaint.

How to Wordpress

Guides: how to integrate with your website

We have released new guides about How to integrate Analyzati with your website

Just follow the guides here, and start tracking your website visitors in less than 1 minute.

If you have any suggestion, let us know and we will be happy to assist you. Contact us here.

Analyzati Privacy

Analyzati is GDPR, PECR and CCPA compliant

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations (PECR) and California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) requires the user’s consent for cookies or other identifiers to be saved on the user’s computer (apart from technically required cookies).

Why does Analyzati not require the consent of cookies from the user?

  • Analyzati does not process any personal data – no IP, no cookies, no fingerprints.
  • If you, as a customer, decide that personal data is processed through Analyzati, this processing will only take place in the European Union.
  • Analyzati does not use the data for its own purposes and does not transmit the data to any third party
  • Analyzati does not combine data on different websites
  • IP addresses are anonymised by default.

Do you have any other concern about Analyzati privacy and data processing? Send us an email.


Free analytics for your website

Analyzati is FREE and you can start right now measuring your website visitors.

Why is it free?

We want to help you start measuring and tracking your website visitors. If you have a new website there is no better option for you!

Just open a free account and start right away. There’s no need to be an expert in marketing, no need to take hours of training and reading, no need to be a developer. Easy as pie!

Is there any limit for the free account?

You can use all features in your account and you can measure until 1000 pageviews/monthly.

If you cross this limit, that means you are doing a perfect job with your content, is it easy to upgrade your plan at any time. Check our plans here.

In case you have any questions, just contact us.


Our script weight is less than 1kB

Last update – 20/10/2022:

We want to offer you truthful information and therefore we have conducted a REAL test with different suppliers in the market… And the numbers don’t lie.

Our recent tests:

  1. We have added all the scripts provided by the various vendors in the following URL
  2. You can check all script sizes using the Inspect tool from your browser or alternatively you can go to GTMetrix and see it by your self.
comparison analytics providers script

Yeahhh! We are not lying and you can trust in our word.

When you add any Java script on your web page, automatically you are adding loading time. If too much JavaScript is loaded, the page can become unresponsive as the browser parses, compiles, and executes it.

One of the biggest reasons we have created our LIGHT weight script is because we don’t want to add extra loading time to websites using our service. We love our clients and we want to keep them all.

How can you check our script size ?

Is extremely easy and you can test it right now.

Open our home page in your browser (Firefox, Chrome or Brave recommended). Now press the right button of your mouse and choose Inspect. A new window will appear on your screen with a lot of information about the page you are in.

Navigate to the Network tab and choose JS . Maybe you will need to reload the page to get all detailed information about network activity.

In the list search for the domain and see the column Size: 729 bytes or 0.711914 Kilobytes . It means less than 1kB.

How to

Fix 404 error pages for free

When you browse a web page and suddenly you see a big 404 number in front of you, it’s because the page doesn’t exists anymore.  It’s the thing all site owners hate to see on their website, which can mess up a user’s online experience.

Some search engines explicitly penalize websites that contain a lot of broken links.

A 404 error page could be generated because of:

  • URL change
  • Broken link

Before solving 404 error pages you first need to identify where they are and why. And Analyzati can help you FREE.

  1. The first thing you will need is to have a FREE account with us. Just register free here and continue to the next step
  2. Add your domain name in the Analyzati dashboard
  3. Get the code generated and paste it in your website. You need to add the code in your <head> or <body> section of your website.
  4. Now add the following code to your 404 page. Paste it between the <head> and </head> tags.
    window.addEventListener('DOMContentLoaded', function () {
        pa.track({name: '404'})

From now on, and remember its FREE, you can track all 404 errors listed on your pages tab and on your events tab.

How to fix 404 errors ?

Once you have a list of URLs causing this error you can take action:

  1. If the error is because of a link, check if the link is pointing to a wrong url and fix the link
  2. If the error is because of a page that doesn’t exist you have two options: try to restore the page on the original link or create a 301 redirect to the new page url.

Creating a 301 redirect

A 301 redirect indicates the permanent moving of a web page from one location to another.

The most common method to create 301 redirects is using your .htaccess file located on your server.
For apache servers, you need to add the following line of code somewhere in your .htaccess:

Redirect 301 /old-page.html /new-page.html

If your website is running on WordPress, you can use a plugin like Redirection to create your 301 redirects. Is super easy and very handy.

Also you can create 301 redirects from cPanel. Just search for the menu Redirect and add/modify your redirects as needed.


As you have seen in this guide, Analyzati not only allows you to detect 404 errors, it also allows you to track what is happening on your website and understand visitors behaviour.

Check out by yourself FREE and start now!

Google Analytics

Why Google Analytics is not accurate?

One of our clients has been using Google Analytics during the last year, and recently we ran a test installing the Analyzati script on his website.

And we have here the comparison results for you: Google Analytics is not accurate and is losing some valuable information. Take a look and check by yourself:

As you can see, We have measure the traffic between August 14 and August 20, and the difference is huge: 107

Let’s talk about the reasons your data is unlikely to perfectly match your other data sources, like Analyzati.

Ad Blockers

Nowadays privacy matters. More individuals are trying to stay away from advertising abuse, and it is more common to use ad blockers while browsing web pages.

Google Analytics is not tracking these visitors and all these users are excluded.

Javascript errors

Sometimes the website code breaks and we can find the cause and fix it, but sometimes not.

Maybe a simple plugin or an extension in your website, is stopping Google Analytics for firing.

Page timeouts

When a web page is loaded it can be interrupted because of server-side events, network connection interrupted, equipment failures or many other reasons.

If the Google Analytics tracking code is not loaded because of these timeouts, obviously there is no tracking.

Data sampling

Data sampling in Google Analytics involves analyzing a subset of data to understand the entire data set. Instead of assessing all your website data, for example, Google Analytics samples a slice of that data to provide actionable and accurate reports.

This is a cost-effective way to estimate website analytics. However, it is not nearly as accurate.

One device, multiple visitors

If two people visit the same site for the first time from the same computer, Google Analytics only notices one unique visitor. Just imagine 100 people visiting from the same computer at a library. It’s just one visitor counted.

Different device, same visitor

Your digital life is surrounded by a laptop, mobile phone and a tablet. This is the typical scenario.  If one person visits your website from three devices, then Google Analytics will tell you that three unique people visited.

Cookie Banners

Google Analytics needs an extensive cookie policy, including the typical pop-up with the Accept and Reject button.

If the visitor Rejects the policy, Google Analytics has no idea of the visit.

Referrals: Bots and spam

Spam is everywhere and we get too used to live with them. They can send fake referral traffic to your website, they can fake events, transactions, pageviews and many more.

This fake traffic inflates your Google Analytics and is very common in the Affiliate marketing world because commission is based on traffic.

Final words

There is not an Analytics provider with 100% accuracy, but now you have some reasons to try fixing your Google Analytics or better yet, give it a try to Analyzati and get real numbers for your peace of mind.

Google Analytics

Disadvantages of Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a giant machine collecting information and analyzing user activity on the web. For sure there are advantages of using it, but in this article we are going to expose only the disadvantages.

  1. Accuracy: It’s known by many marketers and analytics experts that Google Analytics is inaccurate. GA’s cannot identify users who are behaving differently on one or more devices.
  2. Hard to set up: Have you ever tried to add a new website on Google Analytics? If your answer is yes, you might encounter some steps involved, screens, options, jargon, etc… If your answer is no, we recommend you to follow an extended guide before starting.
  3. Instructions confusing: If you land into GA’s help documentation, you will enter into a genesis book and you will need to spend hours clarifying the infinite options they provide.
  4. There are many dashboards, settings, user views and metrics: When you finally set up your website on GA’s you will find tons of screens, tabs and information that could be overwhelming.
  5. Unwanted information like bots and internal traffic: If you don’t know yet, this not-human traffic is processed by GA’s and seems like legitimate traffic.
  6. Sampled data: Data sampling in GA’s involves analyzing a subset of data to understand the entire data set. Instead of assessing all your website data GA’s samples a slice of that data to provide actionable and accurate reports.
  7. Free version is entirely dependent upon cookies: GA’s use cookies to track visitors. If a user rejects them, no tracking is recorded.
  8. Hit limits: This is the message GA’s will show you when you exceed their limits:
    “Your data volume (XXX hits) exceeds the limit of 10M hits per month as outlined in our Terms of Service. If you continue to exceed the limit, we will stop processing new data on XXX.”
  9. Doesn’t comply with the EU law: GA’s is not GDPR compliant according to the Data Protection Authorities from Italy, France, Austria and the Netherlands.
  10. Doesn’t offer privacy by design: It’s against GA’s terms of Service to send PII (personal identifiable information) data to the Google Analytics server
  11. Customer care and support: The only option available is either a community forum or an online documentation.
  12. Expensive on Pro versión you can spend $150k per year.

We hope this article helps you to make a decision when choosing your next and right Analytics provider.