Embrace Privacy: Ditch Google & Discover Alternatives


“Degoogle” refers to the act of reducing or eliminating one’s dependence on Google’s products and services in daily life. It has become a movement among some individuals and privacy advocates who are concerned about the vast amount of personal data that Google collects from its users and the potential risks associated with this level of […]

Stop Google Analytics tracking you

Stop Google Analytics tracking you

Fortunately, there are reliable solutions to safeguard our privacy on the Internet. And one of these is the simple browser extension called “Google Analytics opt-out”. In case you didn’t know, every time you visit a website that has Google Analytics (GA) installed, you are giving Google information about you for free. The most unlikely thing […]

Guides: how to integrate with your website

Integrate Analyzati with Wordpress - Wix - Squarespace

We have released new guides about How to integrate Analyzati with your website Just follow the guides here, and start tracking your website visitors in less than 1 minute.   If you have any suggestion, let us know and we will be happy to assist you. Contact us here.

Fix 404 error pages for free

Learn how to fix 404 error pages

When you browse a web page and suddenly you see a big 404 number in front of you, it’s because the page doesn’t exists anymore.  It’s the thing all site owners hate to see on their website, which can mess up a user’s online experience. Some search engines explicitly penalize websites that contain a lot […]

Tracking website events

Track website events

Tracking events is the key to understanding your website visitors interactions. For example measure clicks on the register button, downloading a file, purchases, etc. Analyzati provides a simple code integration that allows you to track your custom events. In your dashboard press Events and get the detailed explanation on how to use it pressing <>. […]

Track visitors from your WordPress site

Tracking your website visitors is very important to understand their behaivour and get a deep knowledge on what’s happening in your website. WordPress is a very common CMS and website builder, around 455 million websites use it in 2022! If your website is made with WordPress, you can add our Analyzati tracking code with a […]

How to integrate Analyzati in your website

Add Analyzati to your website

Adding our script in your website is as easy as pie! Follow the steps bellow and enjoy tracking your visitors analytics and behaviour in your website: Create an account in Analyzati Verify your account pressing the link provided in the confirmation email Now from your dashboard press “+New website” A new screen will appear with […]

How to remove Google Analytics in your website

Remove Google analytics in your website

Removing Google Analytics needs time and some steps are involved to complete it. If you are not an expert, you’ll need a guide and better understanding of the Analytics system. Before digging on this, you need to understand first the Analytics hyerarchy: Your Analytics profile has 3 components: Account: Is neccesary to access your Analytics […]