Adding our script in your website is as easy as pie!

Follow the steps bellow and enjoy tracking your visitors analytics and behaviour in your website:

  1. Write the domain of your website
  2. Choose the type of access to your analytics page:
    Private: You will have access to your analytics accesing to your NMA account
    Public: Anyone with the link will have access to the analytics page
    Password: Restrict access to analytics with a password
  3. If you want to receive a monthly report in your email, tick this option
  4. Be sure to activate Exclude bots
  5. Press de blue button Copy to copy the script you need to add in your <head> or <body> section of your website.
  6. Finally press Save

That’s all you need to do in NMA. Now after adding the script to your website, NMA will start receiving all the information and you can enjoy the analytics for your website.

If you have any question, just contact our support team sending an email to

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