Stop Google Analytics tracking you

Stop Google Analytics tracking you

Fortunately, there are reliable solutions to safeguard our privacy on the Internet. And one of these is the simple browser extension called “Google Analytics opt-out”.

In case you didn’t know, every time you visit a website that has Google Analytics (GA) installed, you are giving Google information about you for free.

The most unlikely thing about this story is that GA is presented as a free solution to measure web traffic. But what it never fully explains to users is that it collects personal information left and right to use it for its own benefit.

More than 85% of websites on the internet use GA


Google Analytics opt-out

So let’s get to the point. This wonderful extension will block the GA script on any website you visit.

And what alternative to GA can I use to measure my website traffic without compromising privacy?

Analyzati is without a doubt the alternative to forget about GA once and for all, since it is 100% focused on privacy. Does not collect personally identifiable information (PII), does not track IPs, does not use cookies, does not use fingerprints.

If you want to know more compelling arguments to help you understand why you should leave GA, you can read our articles that we list below:

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