Why you need to stop using Google Analytics

stop using google analytics now
stop using google analytics now

Top reasons to stop using Google Analytics right now

  1. Even though the service is free of use, you pay a lot of money with your data. You are the product.
  2. GA is not GDPR compliant according to the Data Protection Authorities from Italy, France, Austria and the Netherlands.
  3. Some data is missing because of more frequent ad blockers and cookie permission rejects.
  4. GA is not user friendly. Takes hours to setup, understand and generate reports.
  5. Continued changes and updates generate caos and miss information.
  6. Websites with high traffic need to update to a premium account that means around $150k USD.
  7. A site with GA takes more time to load. Performance metrics are affected by the size and this means a negative impact on SEO rankings.
  8. GA uses cookies for tracking. You need to implement an extensive cookie-policy in your website.

If you are still happy using Google Analytics and fully understand and agree with their norms, just continue using it. Keep in mind that your data could be sold to the best bidder at any time!

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