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Analyzati is a simple and powerful analytics tool for your website. 100% privacy focused!

No credit card needed!

I know, you have a fantastic website full of content and a lot of daily visits. You are selling your products like a champ, congrats👏 Or maybe you just launched your new website… Never give up!

But now, you are facing a new problem: You need to understand where your visitors come from and what are the top pages they visit and why. You want to get a lot of information about your visitors… And you don’t have time and knowledge, doesn’t it? 😟

Sure, you can give a chance to Google Analytics and spend a lot of time trying to configure and understand their jargon. Or maybe you can hire someone, but it’s so expensive.

How can I help you?

Analyzati is your website companion – it’s going to show you in a simple, friendly and clear dashboard all website interactions, like visitors, pageviews, sources, language, browser and many more. If you have knowledge in marketing, surely you will enjoy tracking events and campaigns.

Analítica web enfocada en la privacidad

No credit card needed!

100% privacy focused?

My priority as Analyzati’s founder is to respect your privacy!

You can trust in my word – period.

Not convinced yet?

I invite you to read our selection of blog articles about why you don’t need Google Analytics in your life:

As Google Analytics does, I don’t want you to waste your valuable time. So don’t think too much, just start now free (forever til 1000 pageviews/month) and you will never regret it!