With our UTM url builder you can easily track individual campaigns from your Analyzati dashboard.

Just fill up the form bellow to get your personalized url.

Create your Campaign URL

Add the full url (e.g. https://domain.com ) - Do not include slash symbol "/" at the end of the url
e.g. blog-post-name, spring_sale, august-event, linkedin-post
e.g. google, bing, august-newsletter
e.g. email, banner, textlink, qrcode
Keywords for paid search campaign like privacy+focused+analytics

What is a UTM tracking url?

If you are a Google Analytics user, perhaps you already use UTM tracking urls. The magic starts when adding a simple code to any url.

There are different tags you can use with UTM tracking, but in the current version of Analyzati you can use “campaign” tag.

Once you have created personalized urls and they are inserted in your website we will start tracking any single click.

Just go to the Campaign menu and you will see the effectiveness of each campaign allowing you to measure the performance of marketing activities and the impact of your campaign.

A campaign tracking url will look like this:


The UTM parameter in this case is utm_campaign and the tracking variable goes after the “=” sign.

Where to check campaigns performance

In this screenshot you can see a detailed example about how to check your campaign performance.

Considerations when using UTM urls

Here are some of my personal recommendations after some years of using UTM urls: